Introducing the Cross-border Ultra 9 Smartwatch™ with 7 straps and 34 functions for ₦37,500

Stay on top of your health game effortlessly.

Introducing the Cross-border Smartwatch with 7 Straps and 34 functions – The Epitome of Style and Functionality!

Make a bold statement with this cutting-edge timepiece that seamlessly blends fashion and technology. Upgrade your wristwear and experience the future on your wrist!



Fast charging cable that can charge three phones at the highest speed possible

This newly launched Ultra Smartwatch has mind blowing exotic features that makes it stand out best among the new generational smartwatches. Deep water resistance powered waterproof, its enables you keep fit of your health status such as checking your BP, Heart rate and also serve for sports and out door recreational activities, with a wider and large screen HD of 1.52 display resolution, make and receive calls directly from the watch which is wireless and simless process, the watch keeps you updated via notifications from your social media platforms which displays directly from the watch and also has a longer battery life spam of 380mah, making it the very best among its pair

What you will get:

>> Smartwatch * 1pcs >> Wireless Charger * 1pcs >>Straps * 1pcs >> Screen Protector * 1pcs >> 100w (3 in1) Charger Cord * 1pcs >> Chain Adjuster * 1 pcs

The straps includes:

>>gold chain
>> silver chain
>> brown leather
     and other 4 straps

Bluetooth calls, answer calls, dial number, save up to 500 contacts directly on the watch, message notifications, sleep monitoring, drink water reminder, alarm clock, music control, GPS positioning, 380mah batter life capacity

Watch functions

Regular Price >>>> NGN45,000

Discounted Price >>>> NGN37,500 Plus Free Delivery Nationwide

Get the Cross-border Ultra 9 Smartwatch™ with 7 straps and 34 functions today and embark on a journey of unparalleled convenience, style, and well-being! Stay ahead of the game and redefine what a smartwatch can do for you.

With it’s Sleek Design

The Titanium LuxeTech Gold Edition Smartwatch is meticulously crafted with a luxurious and eye-catching design. Its stunning golden hue exudes elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.


I love everything about this watch! I have had 3 smart Watches over the course of several years. This one by far is my favorite. Easy setup, battery life blows my mind, perfect size, easy and comfortable to ware. You get a lot more for the price than the others and I received the same day I ordered it. Wait no longer ordered today.
I bought this watch right after I got out of the hospital with heart failure and a high pulse rate. It is perfect in tracking pulse rate and my blood oxygen level. I recommend it for anyone with heart issues.

BT Call & Music:

Stay connected on the go with Bluetooth call functionality, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. Enjoy your favorite tunes with BT Music, without the need for a separate device.

Three Rings of Health:

ECG Monitoring: Take charge of your heart health with advanced ECG monitoring. Detect any irregularities and seek timely medical attention, ensuring peace of mind.

Sleep Monitoring: Get insights into your sleep patterns and improve the quality of your rest. The Dt900 ultra 9 Smartwatch tracks your sleep stages and provides personalized recommendations for a better night’s sleep.

Fitness Companion: Track your workouts, steps, and calories burned with precision. Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a run, the Dt900 ultra 9 Smartwatch helps you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

Personalize Your Style:

Customize your watch dial to match your mood, outfit, or occasion. Express your individuality with a range of stylish options. The Dt900 ultra 9 Smartwatch complements your unique style.

Music Control: Take control of your music playback directly from your watch. Adjust the volume, skip tracks, and enjoy a seamless audio experience. Your favorite music, right at your fingertips.

Stay Informed: Get real-time weather updates right on your wrist. Stay prepared and plan your day accordingly, come rain or shine. The Dt900 ultra 9 Smartwatch keeps you one step ahead of the weather.

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